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Encouragement and Running

Was out running from 6.21 to 6.50am this morning.  That extra minutes are important.  I have never seen so many runners out first thing.  In New Zealand, for some people, today will mark the first real day of the year.  Feb 6th a National Day, 60,000 people out commemorating the Treaty of Waitangi in some way, the rest just catching up with themselves.  Today a lot of kids back at school, a seriously too long a holiday this year.  So a lot of us were out today running.  If you can’t do it now (fresh from holidays, lovely day, less things on)

Encouragement is important for runners.  Uncle Greig used to run, and described how they often met up with other runners out by themselves and would draw them into clubs or running groups.  It’s the old embers principle: an ember lasts much longer with the group – take it away by itself and it soon goes out.  I’ve described elsewhere my gym/getting fit experiences.

I’ve realised what I need for the year: people around me who will support in the main battlegrounds I face: exercise, diet, my thinking  . . .  for starters . . .

We were out yesterday in Le Bons Bay.  Around 25 of us.  In respect of some of these things, it was a really good day.  I do a have some great friends.