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Campout at Rakia

The boys have wanted to to this for months. Sleep out in the wilderness, catch their own food and do men things. We ended up taking the six of them to McMaths farm, setting up camp near where the river was supposed to be (a storm had moved it about a kilometer), with a check in each night with a resupply of food. Catching own food will have to wait. Plenty of other things to do.

Day two, when Kevin and I visited . . .


No-one was on tidy up duty:


The place was a mess, even worse the next night when Alan went, with several REALLY tired. :-) While the boys were trying to have a wilderness experience, Linda had arrived from the farm to say “Hi” with tons of fresh muffins. Probably just as well. They had run out of food when Alan arrived on day three.

Today we pick them up. Two vehicles and a trailer into the rough bit, meet Kevin at Leeston, drop of some boys, and then we go on holiday at Queenstown.