Boat tours | one view

It was actually a tour of the Rhine and the Mosel.  I was uncertain if I wold like it.

The Bellejour: our boat

7 IMG_7513

Below: This is the sun deck.  You could sit here and watch the Rhine go past.7  IMG_7559


We met some great people. On the first night we were allocated dining tables.  At the last minute we were switched, and our group was David, Isoble, Edith and Renata.  We had a great time.

Phillipa and Edith:7 IMG_7627


One of our wonderful waiters:10 IMG_7841

The tour guide is a key person.  Ours was called Karin, and this is the first briefing.7 IMG_7521


At times I felt like I was in a Billy Butlins holiday camp.  Not too often thought.

They catered for everyone.  Walkers and wheelchairs.7 IMG_7544


The lobby:7 IMG_7545


I will not cover the camp concert, the raffle drawing and the piano accordion concert.

Farewell dinner

All the crew at the farewell dinner.  They worked so hard.  I think their attitude, attention to detail and effort was superb.

10 IMG_7905

10 IMG_7902


On our tour we ate a lot.  One night the meal was six courses, but usually just four.  But this is what we had for a snack at Koln:KOLN IMG_7984

10 IMG_7782


Waiter serving skills

Probably shows how little I have watched waters and waitresses.  I was fascinated by their skills.  Rarely have I so often spent 70 – 90 minutes over so many meant.

Clearing is the real art

On the roof.  The archetypal evening snap.  Isolde, Edith and David.

10 IMG_7847


We met folk from Israel, Germany, USA, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Australia.

So, not too bad at all.





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