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On the Rhine tour – visiting Speyer

It was here I started to realize how much the history of this region is dominated by the war between French and German groups.  I say ‘groups’ because it is much more complex that to say France and Germany.  Speyer was destroyed by the French at least twice.

Built around waterways. 9 IMG_7679

One of the best ways to see the city is these glass topped boats.

There is a complex lock system.
9 IMG_7704

And: huge cathedral. With a complex astronomical clock. Wall to wall people.

I am still not sure I am really a tourist like some of the others around.

Some snaps of the town.

9 IMG_7690

9 IMG_7694


These snaps are for Gary and Linda.

They had street markets.9 IMG_7721

9 IMG_7726More to come.


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