Buckingham Palace.

Well, here is what you see from the back rows.6 IMG_7333

Rampart commercialism

Did you know London has a three story very very busy store devoted to nothing else but M’n’M’s? We saw kids leaving with half a litre of the things in a plastic bag. Think of the sugar high!!6 IMG_7361

Names for an eatery

There are three I quite liked:
None of which quite is what I actually want. Scoff implies just a bit too much speed and lack or peace. Banter: maybe, but it may have the connotation of just too much energy and hype.

6 IMG_7367


6 IMG_7407


6 IMG_7448


6 IMG_7453

My current favourite:  Coffee and Conversation. Just doesn’t have much of a vibe.

On the train/tube

Some people carried bikes. A few ate their tea.
Most people however are not interested at all in talking. They prefer their own internal worlds.

6 IMG_7412


For Richard

Just in case this news did not make it down south.  What a buzz eh?

6 IMG_7414


For Daniel

I’m not sure really what to believe.  It says a snack provides enough protein to repair after exercise.

6 IMG_7415


6 IMG_7451


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