D-day Museum | Portsmouth

Well, there was chaos in London, a tube strike.  Supposedly costing between 50 and 300 million pounds. So what do we do?  Catch a train in the opposite direction.  To Portsmouth.

D-Day museum. This was along the foreshore at Portsmouth. We arrived on the train at a station that was pretty munch on the wharf.

Next to the Spinnaker, a climbing thing that was 105 high for people, and 170 to the top.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinnaker_Tower  People were climbing up the outside. Across the harbour and a bit out to sea was the Isle of Wight. Yes there was a music festival coming up.

Lots of lifestyle houses.
6 IMG_7423

Boats stored in a giant grid.
6 IMG_7420

There was yet another “Millennium Walk” that linked up a few of the attractions.
6 IMG_7419

Fairgound. Really high quality food (anything you like provided it was pure sugar or deep fried).6 IMG_7431

Motzeralla Joe’s. Where we had lunch.  Now you could get 10% off with a voucher, but every voucher had been removed from the pamphlets in the tourist Brochure racks.  Pretty cunning of Joe.
6 IMG_7432

Beaches. No-body really swimming.

Genuine Fish and chips (with curry sauce if you wanted it)

Then a little further on to the museum.
I was particularly taken by a poster with a handwritten list of all the units that were involved in D-Day.

6 IMG_7434
The film was great, just a 15 minute presentation of the leadup to D-Day (including the original ‘peace in our time’ speech). Sadly it finished with a kitchy appeal from some veterens.

Then on to the displays. Real landing craft. Inside a plane. Sadly, only one picture in the whole display of the engineering work that went on to make the day happen.  This is my first memory of learning about D-Day when I was young: the engineering.

Not going into London for the day gave some space to reflect.  Here is what Henry James said:6  IMG_7391


This is a quote from the London Museum (just about the city of London back to year dot) but I’ll write about that another time.

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