visit to Greenwich | Gondola etc

We stayed overnight near Waterloo.
View from the hotel:5 Hotel View

Tube to Gteenwich.  At Greenwich is “England’s only Urban Gondola”
5 Gondola small

View from the top
5 Gondola 2 small

The O2 (the white tent like thing in the background) – a massive movie and eating out place.  We succumbed here to Hollywood and watched MI5.  Which was largely set in London.
5 Gondola 3 small

As I referred to last week: the evil seagulls
5 Seagull Small

That was quite a nice tourist experience.  The whole gondola thing is sponsored by Emerites, called the “Air Line” As often happens, the local city council picked up the 65M pounds cost shortfall.

We are Winning over tiredness,

Current reading: from Janet’s cook book shelf, The Dukan Diet.Links: – Dr Dukan claims the Paleo diet and the Aykins diet both came from his idea.  Iam reminded off the Paleo food at Pure where Mark sometimes works.
Is it sound?  Who knows!  See for Dukan’s view, but he was preregistered in France.

W are eating well at Janet’s.  This smiley mushroom from yesterday.






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