A bit of a retrospective

A few smaller highlights.

In Australia, the rough inner peaks are blue.  This is a view towards the sea above Coffs.
2 blue mountains

Trying to sort out our body clocks. It was quite east to get up early and see the sunrise at 6.20 am. Already some memories we will take back with us.  Coffs again.
2 sunrise

The final day in Brisbane was quite special.  We met up with Guilliano who stayed with us for several months.  He came for three days on 20th December after the first big earthquake 2010 and ended up staying for over three months as he worked out visa issues.  He and I share a birthday.  Fast forward four years and he has finished study and is working as an associate pastor in Brisbane,

Here we are outside Chris’s flat looking at photos.
2 Guilianno

Looking back over his 1000+ photos brought back a lot of memories.

The inevitable selfies.
2 selfie

And the inevitable cafe shots.
2 Coffee


We have found some great coffee.  This place (above) was great for some reasons I cannot put in a public post.  I have switched to espressos at the moment.  There was a silly post on Stuff this week on  cafes.  Some people will do anything, even defy sensibility and logic to get into the news.  If this can be considered news.

I’m having real difficulty at this moment with internet.  I’m  going to save this and return later just in case I loose the typing.  My plan to go to a shop yesterday was foiled.  Suburban London.  No Subways, McDonalds or anything.  Just a score or more of delightful eating places which reminded me of Kerbside eating at it’s best.  No internet.  Bliss actually.

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