Back to blogging

Well, not really. I’ve had one persona ask “Why are you not posting?” (I mean, lots has happened: Graham and Margaret’s 50th, NCEA updates with Mark’s school, merger, Front fence reconstructions, Cracked ribs, Mum’s 80th, Anna’s activities, Uncle Murray passing by, Physics news, West coast trip, RSI . . . . .)

It’s a good question.

  • I think my activity has just gone a little bit elsewhere. SCoPE forums have taken a little time I had no idea they would. First a workshop on Blogging, then one on Facilitation.
  • Work has been interesting. It has NOT settled yet, but the trajectory is good. Politics and money feature large.
  • And with my mother being close a bit recenty I have not needed to post so much for her to read.

All excuses I know. The other three readers of this blog have missed out.

Maybe I just lost my focus. Anyhow, here I am back for at least a little.

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