The Audience

We were told there was about 35,000 people there. Started with Pokarikarianna. . . did Ave Maria. Margaret fif the Karanga in Aoteraroa. Was stunning . . .


Rosemary and the choir between singing. . . . jut taking a breather. Considering very little of the 2.5 houtrs was in English, it was very relaxed.


The guys in the background are visiting clergy and other groups . . .


The Pope does these audiences every Wednesday. There is a huge effort to get things sorted. They still managed to make a mistake . . . they let us sit behind the choir. We were supposed to be somewhere else. But, what a view . . .

The pope leaving. Yes, they do call it a Pope Mobile.


We were less than 20 m from him. Beautiful day. Choir didn’t miss a beat. We had had a personal tour of the crypt beforehand. A last look around St Peters with no crowds afterwards . . . as someone said: it doesn’t get much better than this.

Not sure how much time I will get after this on a PC. Phillipa is talking to home (Happy birthday Anna, Mark, send us an e-mail . . thanks Phil for the topup (yes I can get your items), Raewyn, hope things are going well . . .

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