We had done a day tour near Venice, but had not actually been there. The concert was timed for 9.00pm which is supposed to be a fashionable time. We had a boat trip, then a 20 minute walk through the backstreets of Venice to San Palo Chiesa.

Venice looks like a fairyland.

Cars – there is a road into Venice. But it is quite different with pretty well no cars for most of the place – he only thing you hear is the grind of the riverboats. But one block off the main areas it can be totally quiet, with these tall granite and marble buildings muffling everything.


The first gondola I saw.


Nick, Yvonne, Bernard and Anne spent a lot of tme carrying the amp and keyboard. No mean feat over 7 bridges.


Backstreets. We lost no-one. You just had to be alert to the person in front of you, and regularly we would turn an unexpected corner. There is NO grid pattern here. From the map you could not tell if the street was narrow or wide. :-)


The concert . . .


The church – once again, amazing!!

Preparation . . .



Then tea, this little street side place charged $NZ8 for 500mL water. But the pizza and salade was superb.

itc14slad.jpg itc13salada.jpg


I had Viennese Sausage pizza.

itc15piza.jpgThe concert benefited from a long afternoon practice I am sure.


Back to the ferry. Waiting in Italy is to too hard, there is a lot to look at.


Including graffiti. Much the same swerls as I have photographed in Auckland and Melbourne.

We returned around midnight, tired, but the girls did really well.

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