Sometimes the same the world over . . .


I could find a better shot probably, but a lot of cafes are outside.


Looks good. But it is more like shortbread than pastry. Not as good at Wairakei Rd French bakery & Tierry . . .


Lousy sweet breakfasts . . everywhere we go.


Just so you know . . . the first Makkers in Rome. 1986.

itfoodmacdfirst.jpg itfoodmacdonalds.jpg


Panninis. Great.


Murphy’s . . .


Convent Food. Superb. As good as a meal in a café.


Hotel food. Pasta and peas. This girl (who shall remain namesless) picked out every pea from her pile of pasta . . .


More later. I have discoverd a whole new line of desserts which everybody knew about except me. Coffee soaked sponge with rum covered in cheese sauce. Myra actually makes it.  I am often suprised at the odd things the girls know – topiary, the price of memory sticks, Italian desserts and the significance of tuscanny dinners (I suspect we can thank Jamie Oliver for that). Italian gelato is very good, and I reckon there is a market niche back home. Not just one place on the Auckland waterfront.

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