Who’s Blog is this?

Some one asked me why I didn’t sign my name on these posts. That’s because this is my blog, and it’s always me who writes. Except the comments, that can be anyone. Any day now someone may discover this blog and start spamming it with ads for things we don’t want, but we are safe until then.

And Dave, yes it is me. :-)

And another question, why another blog? I did this mainly for my Mother who is travelling somewhere in Europe and while she has e-mail, it’s not easily accessed via the net, and this way she can check in and see how we are going . . etc. And there are a few other miscellaneous friends also checking in. But after Italy is over, this will revert to more mundane life in Christchurch. I actually like blogging.

I was interested to see a book on Blogging in Italian.


I guess everyone should have their “How to start a blog” post. I will do this sometime. There are lots of blogs on cats, food (cheese sandwiches in particular) and on blogging itself. Just to keep with this trend, here are some snaps of some recent Italian snacks we have had.

This is some coffee, as good as Mark makes.


And the icecream at Macdonalds. Not as good as Macdonald’s in NZ.


And the pizza I hope Mark can learn to make . .


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