Quick update on our last touring day (Tuesday)

All is well, some sniffles, bites, mild tiredness, girls very bubbly yesterday compared to Saturday (which was probably the low point of the trip due to weather etc).  Too much to eat yesterday with 5 course meal for lunch and Tuscan Dinner at night.

Visited three places and sang in one little medieval Hilltop town.

Still a perfect record: we have lost no-one.  I think I have been more worried than I needed to be.

Had a lot of fun yesterday, meeting a 98 year old man, wine tasting, vineyard visiting, trying to find internet and coin operated laundimat (failed), trying to get Antonio to sing, dialogue with the busdriver via Tony, coping with toilets (ghastly story), got my cell to work again, and finishing with a magnificent sunset in the middle of Tuscany.  Photos to come.

Don’t know when I’ll be back online . . .

Love to all.

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