Departing from Rome

Leaving Anzio for the airport. This was a time to say goodbye to our driver Masimo and Tony. Margaret was the one to give a gift to our driver. It was a cap. I don’t know if he will wear it. Very few Italians wore them.


We had the bus packed, which was the first time I saw out driver really sweating. A final picture on the balcony. That is the Mare Terean behind them . . .



On the way a last visit to the supermarket. Everyone seemed much more confident this time than in the first visit on the way to Rome three weeks earlier. Their supermarkets are the same but different . . . I’d have loved to take a few pics of the deli – buying there was lke a social event, everyone talking almost non stop about all sorts of thngs that I knew was mkore than just the prices of meat, cheese and pizza. This was the same in several places we went to. Lots of chocolate was brought. This happens when you want to buy gifts and you have little money left. I still think Cadbury chocolate (from Dunedin) is the best.


Airport waiting, chatting and snacking . . . .


Below: Consulting the book. This contained roll lists, vouchers, itineraries and such like. A constant companion for Marie and Phillipa. It is interesting to note we never really got the counting off right until the last 3 minutes of the tour waiting for the whole group to assemble before coming out of customs. This is a mystery. Is remembering ONE number and counting to 43 so hard??


Two random snaps at the airport . . .



It was here we said goodbye to Tony, our courier, after about 1360 km around Italy, 2 concerts, five masses, 19 singings in churches, 2 open airs, visits to Tuscan villages, and museums in various places, boating, churches, restaurants and shops.

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