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We are now in ANZIO, and I have a few minutes before breakfast. Half of us have sea views to die for (about 2 star rooms) and the rest have 4 star rooms. This is a sleazy area in some respects (according to reconnasance by Robyn) with loud music outside with some kind of kick boxing class in the gym. No pics at the moment sorry, my mouse has stopped working on my laptop and I left it to late to do it the hard way.

The trip was good yesterday; via a lake, bypassing Rome to a seaside resort in the off season. We occupied about 1/6 of the dining room. It is very quiet. Tony tells us the Italians think it is cool.

I’ve learned a bit about healthy food . . . itmariehelathy.jpg some people are snacking from the fruit stalls. Some are not. But I won’t publish any pics to protect the innocent. I’ve learned again the benefits of Juice from Yvonne.

I just found this snap from Florence. Bernie joined us from London for a few days. It’s been good to meet up with a few rellies. We have not bumped into anyone we have met though. Not like the Gold coast.


My latest loo picture. I decided not to post Monday’s one. This is an innovation I think could work in NZ. Foot operated water. Seems so obvious.;


My last ‘interesting’ image. In the news is the smoking ban planned for France. Here is a sign from outside my room in Florence:


It says (paraphrase) ‘Don’t smoke or you wil be fined. If you do smoke around pregant or breast feeding women – or kids under 12 your fine will be doubled’

Wine and water can cost the same here . . . £12 for a meal, and take your pick . . .


And among my best memories . . . Sundown and Moonup in Florence . . .


We leave in two hours for airport > Dubai (sleep for 6 hours) > Sydney > home.

Caio for now.

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