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Muckabout in Florence: Friday

I’ve joined up with my cpSquare online friends at this little place in the middle of Florence. It is fantastic.

Here is the agande and questions . . .


Here is the view from our meeting-rooftop.


Mark . . .


Who needs to visit the Duoma dome . . .



We basically talked until 11.00pm before someone announced Jet lag. Covered a lot of things, set up topics for Friday . .

Uli, Patricia, Beverly, Mark, Sean, John and I. Etienne arriving tonight, and Andy tomorrow.

A final post from Venice

I’ll be gone for a few days now I think. We are off to near Florence tomorrow, and I’m joining Etienne, John Smith and some other buddies on Thursday in a little villa in Florence for a Muckabout, talking over some things of importance to us – managing our shared memories in communities. Not many others are interested in this, but hey, we all are different.

Many thanks to you folk back home for holding the fort.

Italy Trip

Rome beckons!! We set off on Saturday via Dubai (3 hours stopover). In Rome along the way I am meeting up with some people I have met online in Florence (or Flirenze in Italian) for a ‘Muckabout’. We have hired space in a villa to talk, ponder and drink coffee. We planned our trip in December. The Muckabout was planned weeks later with no input from me, and I am in Florence at the time. Neat eh??

The Prato Dialogue (or dialog) is a pretty half hearted group blog for this event. The topic is “Memory and Forgetting: managing our corperate memories in Community.” I’ve written a little quoting Nietzche’s view of memory in this blog.