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Summer nights continue

Coffee Night last night, the final Wednesday of our Summer Programme . . . only BBQ at Gaye’s this weekend to go.
While we were sitting around watching the sun go down I found out Debbie is writing stories on a writers site, and won a prize this month. Faithwriters. Cool. She is also doing another article for the Press.
She has some great adjectives: fluid script, rancid puddles, drunkenly upwards, gracefully scripted . . . (The same adjectives we use) :-)
As usual Mark’s coffee was good, and a whole cake left over for Daniel’s birthday tonight.

New Years Resolution continued: More Chilling on the Porch.

Coffee Business

Mark now has three clients for his coffee and a second roaster. We are a regular customer of an Auckland company for the beans. I really like the basic blend (some Robusta beans added to the basic beans). Now I have a taste I know what I like. It’s still a little oasis each day, sitting down to a latte or an espresso.


There were two weeks at the start of the year when he set up shop at the College providing coffees each morning. Having $M17 to do the merger, they still shut down the real coffee supply for 4 weeks, right wne we probably needed it a lot.\

Here is a snap of the end of College windup:


This is his original roaster, with beans before they are done:


We’ve talked strategy for the business. We are looking for clients within 400m of the roaster: like Burnside or Ilam. Tomorrow night we have the last midweek gathering of the youth/YA summer programme at our house. Coffee/Hot chocolate and cake.