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Coffee Machine arrivals (etc)

Mark’s Machine has arrived, after a long time of pondering, false starts and trial and error. It is big (they said 33 kg, in fact it was over 60)

Mark's Machine

For the coffee geeks amongst you:

Futurmat, Ariete model, two group, Solenoid E61 group head (9lb of brass each), 11 Litre boiler.

It is over 10 Amps, which means re-wiring a plug in the kitchen. 2735 Watts. Lots of fun.

Summer nights continue

Coffee Night last night, the final Wednesday of our Summer Programme . . . only BBQ at Gaye’s this weekend to go.
While we were sitting around watching the sun go down I found out Debbie is writing stories on a writers site, and won a prize this month. Faithwriters. Cool. She is also doing another article for the Press.
She has some great adjectives: fluid script, rancid puddles, drunkenly upwards, gracefully scripted . . . (The same adjectives we use) :-)
As usual Mark’s coffee was good, and a whole cake left over for Daniel’s birthday tonight.

New Years Resolution continued: More Chilling on the Porch.

Coffee Business

Mark now has three clients for his coffee and a second roaster. We are a regular customer of an Auckland company for the beans. I really like the basic blend (some Robusta beans added to the basic beans). Now I have a taste I know what I like. It’s still a little oasis each day, sitting down to a latte or an espresso.


There were two weeks at the start of the year when he set up shop at the College providing coffees each morning. Having $M17 to do the merger, they still shut down the real coffee supply for 4 weeks, right wne we probably needed it a lot.\

Here is a snap of the end of College windup:


This is his original roaster, with beans before they are done:


We’ve talked strategy for the business. We are looking for clients within 400m of the roaster: like Burnside or Ilam. Tomorrow night we have the last midweek gathering of the youth/YA summer programme at our house. Coffee/Hot chocolate and cake.

Coffee in Melbourne

As is usual, sometimes it was difficult to get decent coffee. This is from a new posh mall in the outskirts of Melbourne near the airport.

Mark has this technique of watching a few cups made by the barista first. Crema, technique, cleanliness of gear. Life is too short to have bad coffee, and besides it is expensive if you are buying it.